28 may 2019

"Project GameHub" + "Conference MIT" = "Ismail becomes closer to ONPU"

"Erasmus project GameHub" + "Conference MIT" = "Ismail became  closer to ONPU"  

27 may 2019

9th International Conference MIT-2019 took place at ONPU

23-24 May, 2019 the 9th International Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Modern Information Technologies 2019" was held at the Institute of Computer Systems of ONPU.

23 april 2019

What? Where? When?

Humor Music Intellect. In short, just YMI, an event of a series of humor, abstractionand good mood, which took place on April 2nd.

22 april 2019

What? Where? When?

On April 11, students gathered at game "What? Where? When?" to find out who had the best wit. And here is the result:3rd place - team "British scientists"2nd place - team "Witnesses of Gekum"1st place - team "Don Iagan"Congratulations guys with a well-deserved victory!And next school year we will meet with the same goal and in the same place.

7 december 2018

III international scientific and practical conference

Today, the Institute of Computer Systems hosted the third Scientific and practical conference "Project, Program, Portfolio p3management-2018"More than 100 experts in the field of Project Management presented their theses. The conference was held at a high level

6 december 2018

What? Where? When?

Recently passed the intellectual game What? Where? When? It was attended by several departments and competed for the title of the smartest

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